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Legal Help and Protection

Law Enforcement and Prosecution

Holding the abuser accountable for his/her actions is an important step in breaking the Cycle of Violence. There are a variety of services available through law enforcement including, but not limited to, making a police report, filing charges and crisis intervention. The extent to which you utilize Law Enforcement services is completely up to you and will not affect any other services you may need or want to utilize.

Agencies providing this service:

Protective Orders

No appointment is necessary, as people are seen on a first come first serve basis. There is no charge.

Who may apply for a Protective Order?

To obtain a protective order, the victim and the offender must be:

  • Related by blood or marriage (ex spouses also eligible)
  • Currently living together or have previously lived together
  • Have a child together
  • Have/had a continuing intimate dating relationship without regard to gender
  • Someone who sexually assaulted the victim

You will be required to fill out a simple form providing information on yourself and the person you are making the complaint against (defendant). If you cannot fill out the form, we will do it for you. In general, the process is as follows:

  • An advocate (interviewer) will gather the facts and information regarding your case. The advocate will take a sworn statement from you describing what type of violence occurred. They will assist with any questions you may have about the criminal justice system during the protective order and judicial process.
  • The application and affidavit will be reviewed by a protective order attorney.
  • After review, the following could occur - defendant will receive a letter, a bond will be raised, a no-contact order will be secured or a protective order will be requested. You will also be referred to various agencies for appropriate services.
  • If a Protective Order is requested, the necessary legal paperwork will be prepared. A Protective Order hearing will be scheduled within two weeks, allowing the Sheriff's Office to hand deliver the paperwork to the defendant. If the defendant is not delivered (served) the paperwork, the case will be reset again in two weeks, and again, if necessary.
  • If the defendant is served with the documents, you will need to go to court. An attorney and an advocate/paralegal will go to court to represent you and answer all of your questions.

Agencies providing this service:

Civil Legal Assistance

Often victims need assistance in civil legal matters associated with separation from the perpetrator that include family matters such as divorce, child custody, protective orders and visitation as well as day to day legal issues such as contract disputes, fraud, immigration issues, bankruptcy and more.

The following agencies can assist you with this: