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Crisis Intervention

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Emergency Shelter

Legal Help & Protection

  • Law Enforcement & Prosecution
  • Protective Orders
  • Civil Legal Assistance

Family & Personal Services

  • Family Services
  • Child Care
  • Employment & Eductional Assistance
  • Financial Stabilization
  • Housing - Temporary & Permanent
  • Food & Clothing

Healthcare & Counseling

  • Healthcare
  • Child Therapy & Adult Counseling
  • Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Sexual Abuse/Assault Assistance & Counseling

Healthcare & Counseling

Health Care

Victims of domestic violence need good health care for themselves and their families. You need a medical home in the event of illness, a regular doctor, health care coverage for you and your child, and food for a healthy body. Through the Dream Center, the Family Justice Center can connect you with WIC, Healthy Start, CHIP, and Medicaid.

The following agencies can assist you with this:

Child Therapy and Adult Counseling

Child Witnesses to domestic violence often have behavioral and/or mental problems in addition to anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. This often leads to problems in school and socialization in the family and community.

Does your teenager display the following tendencies:

  • Runaway from home?
  • Always worried or anxious?
  • Always sad?
  • Always angry?
  • Change eating habits such as eat too little or too much?

For a parent, counseling is also helpful as victims often have to confront divorce, separation or a health crisis in isolation. Someone who is a neutral party is here to help you.

The following agencies can assist you with this:

Substance Abuse Counseling

Services are available for victims who have a history of drug/ alcohol problems in their family or for child(ren) who show symptoms of substance abuse associated with illegal drugs are underage drinking.

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Sexual Abuse/Assault Assistance & Counseling

If you are in immediate danger there are several options. The Family Justice Center can connect you to agencies that will provide a safe place for you to live until the threat is not immediate.

The following agencies can assist you with this: